Neel Adwani


Neel is a PhD Student in Computer Engineering at the New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT). He is currently working at the Controls Automation and Robotics Lab, under the advisement of Dr. Cong Wang. Apart from being a researcher, he is also an instructor/teaching assistant for ECE 392: Electrical Engineering 2 Laboratory. Before joining NJIT, he did his Bachelor’s in Computer Science and Engineering from the University of Petroleum and Energy Studies, Dehradun. As a researcher, engineer, and a passionate roboticist, he aspires to make the tech sphere more accessible for everyone.

Being an ardent interdisciplinary researcher, he has covered various aspects of Mechanical, Electronics, Electrical, and Aerospace Engineering along with his major. The experience for his interdisciplinarity can be found in some of his patents, projects, and competitions. It got him to work on his CAD, PCB designing, programming and manufacturing skills. Along with being familiar with management, this combination of skills helped him adapt to new environments and learn new things quickly.

He did a Research Internship at Robotics Research Centre, International Institute of Information Technology, Hyderabad, where he was advised by Dr. Harikumar Kandath and Dr. K. Madhava Krishna. His work includes prototyping, developing, experimenting, and testing the algorithms for Safe Landing of Unmanned Aerial Vehichles and implementation of Visual Servoing on an Aerial Manipulator.

Apart from this, he is also passionate about participating in hackathons, and has attended the ones hosted by Major League Hacking, University of Pennsylvania, University of California, Boston University, Stony Brook University, etc., where he built projects like Brain controlled robotic joint, HearAssist (A tool that converts speech to text for the hearing impaired), SafeMail (An intelligent mailbox that identifies mail theft using facial recognition), etc., and he is willing to turn these projects into reality in the future.


Sep 5, 2023 Started teaching ECE 392 and initiated with my PhD coursework!
Aug 8, 2023 Joined CAR Lab at NJIT!
May 15, 2023 Completed the coursework for Bachelor’s in CSE at UPES
Jul 25, 2022 Launched on ProductHunt!
Jun 16, 2022 Joined Robotics Research Centre, IIIT Hyderabad as a Research Intern!