Sanitizing Apparatus and method for Dispensing Sanitizer Solution

The proposed work consists of an embedded microcontroller with a camera, a motor shield, two battery operated motors, two servo motors, a DC motor pump, solar panels, and a lithium ion battery pack as the power source, as shown in figure 1. The enclosed setup is connected to Wi-Fi, which connects it to the Blynk Interface. With the help of the blynk interface, this setup can be controlled from any area that has an active internet connection. This setup is equipped with a 2 litre container for storing the sanitizer. A pipe is attached to the DC pump, and at the top of it, a sprinkler is present.

The blynk applet on the client’s end consists of arrow buttons for moving the robot (forward, reverse, left, right), a panel for viewing the surveillance of the area, a button for switching manual/automatic control, and a button for it to start sanitizing the area.

The features of the robot are as follows:

  1. The sprinkler that is attached on its top sprinkles the disinfectant around 360 degrees surroundings and the dispenser at the bottom sanitizes the bottom area it passes through.
  2. The Lithium-Ion battery is capable of being charged using solar energy or conventionally from a DC Adapter.
  3. The setup consists of a camera, which transmits the live stream of its frontal area to the user.
  4. This setup can be controlled in an automatic and semi-automatic way.
  5. The authenticated user can control it from anywhere, given that active internet connection is available at both ends.
  6. The setup can be controlled semi-autonomously through the blynk applet.

The hardware used for experimentation and testing is as follows:

  • ESP32 Cam
  • Arduino Uno
  • BO Motor x 4
  • 12V DC Pump
  • Lithium Ion Battery Pack
  • Motor Shield
  • Misting Nozzle
  • Solar Panels

Project Advisor: Ms. Shubhi Sharma
Affiliation: University of Petroleum and Energy Studies, Dehradun
Patent: (Indian Patent Office, Page 55)
Media: The Machine Maker